Wholesale Price

Thank you for choosing Barbara! 

To create a field for free competition Barbara has created these rules for wholesale buyers, who sell Barbara materials to retail customers.

Wholesale discounts 

To place an order for wholesale, add the product to the cart for the required amount, the wholesale discount will be set automatically. Fixed wholesale discounts on all products:

18 % discount – order over 426 $
22 % discount – order over 852 $
25 % discount – order over 1277 $
30 % discount – order over 2128 $
40 % discount – order over 6383 $

* The total amount of the wholesale purchase is indicated with a discount, to get a discount of 18% your customer should buy materials for the amount not less than 520 $ of the retail price.

Sales policy of the Company concerning materials sold by the wholesale buyers

  • You may only sell Barbara materials at prices NOT lower than the retail prices on the website (for retail sales) and NOT lower than the wholesale price of the company (for wholesale sales).

  • Wholesale buyer has the right to sell Barbara materials at a discount from 15% to 25% of the retail prices indicated on the official website when holding Promo campaigns. The promotion may be valid for a maximum of 10 items and has a limited validity period, which must also be specified.

  • One item is equal to one name of the product, except for lashes. The mix of one bend and one thickness is equal to one name of the product (for example, the bend C 0.10 7-12 and 7-15 will be considered as one name of the product. Individual lengths of one bend and one thickness are also counted as one name of the product (e.g. bend D 0.07, length 7.8...12 will be counted as one name of the product).

  • A discount of more than 25% of the retail prices of the official website may be set by a representative for an unlimited period of validity ONLY when selling Barbara materials that do not correspond to the product characteristics (expiring).

  • In case of abuse of the terms and conditions of discounts on promotions (excessively frequent promotions on Barbara's materials, unmotivated discounts, regular dumping of prices), the Company may unilaterally block the Wholesale Buyer in the Customer Database and not ship the goods.

  • If possible, the Company shall discuss the potential blocking and issue a warning.

  • Violation of the terms of cooperation and depreciation of the company's products is perceived as unwillingness to work on a permanent basis in a competitive environment.

Placing the order, payment, shipment and acceptance procedure:

- The order is placed on the official website of the company

- Terms of payment - advance payment 100%.

- The goods are shipped within 3 (three) working days from the moment of receipt of 100% of the order payment.

- Wholesale buyer chooses the way of delivery of the goods himself.

- Delivery of goods is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

- Insurance of items in the Courier Company against loss or damage is carried out only at the prior request of the representative. By default, all items are not insured. Insurance is provided at the expense of the buyer.

- The company is not responsible for any damage to the goods during transportation - this is the responsibility of the delivery service.

- Claims on the re-sorting, shortage and quality of goods are accepted within 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

For representatives of the company there are other terms of cooperation that you can find out by filling the form:

Download the terms of cooperation for wholesale customers