About us

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Barbara Company presents a collection of exceptionally high quality materials for eyelash extensions.

The product range is aimed at professional use and will satisfy even the most demanding professionals, and will also help beginners to get anywhere in the beauty industry and to achieve excellent results.

By choosing Barbara company you get the best results of longstanding work of leading specialists involved in the development and production of materials for eyelash extensions.

The company is constantly improving maintaining the same:

• Excellent quality of materials
• Innovative production technologies
• Stylish design of package
• Regular restocking of assortment

Barbara is
-A tool of successful work of professionals in the field of glance design which saves your time and makes the lash extension process as pleasant as possible for both the artist and the client.

- An optimal choice for those who adhere to the motto "If you build the lashes, then build them better than anyone else!