80% discount on light brown henna

80% discount on light brown henna

Eeyebrow henna Barbara dyes eyebrows quickly and efficiently. Provided proper care the henna preserves the color both on the hairs and on the skin in the area of tinting.

The components of the product activate the natural henna pigment.
The henna is applied without leaving lumps, which allows you to dye the eyebrows and the skin under the hairs evenly.

Take advantage of 80% discount - 6 grams of henna for just $ 2.25

Eyebrow henna Barbara is economical in use: 6 grams of henna are enough for about 90 procedures.

The number of products for the promotion is limited. The offer cannot be combined with wholesale discounts and discounts for company representatives.

Just add the necessary items to the basket and place your order.

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