70% discount on eyebrow pomade

70% discount on eyebrow pomade

Barbara Waterproof Brow Pomade is creamy, non-flowing and easy to apply to your brows and give them the desired shade. Securely fixes eyebrow hairs in a given direction.
The lipstick comes with a special brush, which is convenient for dyeing eyebrows.

Available in four natural shades to suit any look.

LIGHT BROWN is a light brown shade for blonde girls.

SOFT BROWN is a versatile soft brown shade.

AUBURN BROWN is a brown shade with a hint of red.

DARK BROWN is a dark, rich shade of brown.

Take advantage of 70% discount - total $3.06  for one shade of Brow Pomade.

The number of products for the promotion is limited. The offer cannot be combined with wholesale discounts and discounts for company representatives.

Just add the necessary items to the basket and place your order.

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