Цветные ресницы (синие) МИКС

Colored lashes Barbara (blue) mix

Colored lashes Barbara (blue) mix
Colored lashes Barbara (blue) mix
Colored lashes Barbara (blue) mix
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  • C
  • D
  • -
  • 0.07
  • 0.10
  • -
  • 7-15mm
  • -
- pcs. +

Colured lashes Barbara (blue) mix
Curl: С, D
Length: 7 – 15 mm, 8 – 15 mm
Thickness: 0.07, 0.10

Colored eyelashes can be used as accents and mix with the base color (black, brown, etc.), or to use
them as a primary color of eyelash extension.
Eyelashes are very light and soft. Made of high quality material.
The eyelashes are not straighten and not deformed during wearing.

Barbara eyelashes are result of many years of experience in developing materials for eyelash extensions.
When we produce new products we follow the wishes of the masters of eyelash extension.

* Eyelashes have a clear curl.
* Eyelashes easily remove from the strip.
* The artificial eyelash has a good link with the natural eyelash.
* Eyelashes are resistant to deformation.
* Has a longer wearing time.

The product complies with international quality standards.
Packaging and design are thought out to the smallest detail.

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