Lash Botox, 7ml |

Ботокс для ресниц Barbara, 7 мл

Lash Botox, 7ml

Lash Botox, 7ml
Lash Botox, 7ml
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Lash Botox Barbara, 7 ml 
Lash Botox 
- Volume of eyelashes increases to 40%; 
- Restoration of eyelashes; 
- Unique formula with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and collagen; 
- Botox is ready for use, does not require dilution with water. 

Lash Botox Barbara is used after the second stage of eyelash lamination: after dyeing eyelashes and before applying the third laminating composition. 
Lash Botox fills the damaged parts of scales of eyelashes, making eyelashes up to 40% more volume. 
The unique Botox formula nourishes the eyelashes from the base to the tip, returning them a natural sheen and firmness. 

Botox is fully ready for use and does not require dilution with water and other manipulations. 
Botox has an economical consistency. To apply it to both eyes you will need a small drop of Botox. 

Composition of Lash Botox Barbara. 
Hyaluronic acid keeps moisture inside the cells, making the eyelashes dense and elastic. 
Niacinamide (water-soluble vitamin B3) prevents loss of moisture and improves the structure of the eyelashes. 
Hydrogenated castor oil softens and moisturizes the eyelashes, forms a protective film, preventing excessive evaporation of moisture. 
Marine collagen penetrates the structure of the eyelashes and under its influence they acquire volume, become soft and smooth. The witch hazel extract stops and prevents cellular damage. 
Extract of chamomile flowers heals the eyelashes and protects them from the harmful effects of environmental factors.Keratin strengthens the eyelashes, penetrates the structure of the hair, filling the voids. 

How to use Lash Botox Barbara? 
Step 1: Shake the botox well before use. 
Step 2: Gently squeeze lash botox into the palette for glue or on the another surface. You will need a small drop of botox. 
Step 3: Using a microbrush or brush, apply Botox to natural eyelashes, receding from the base of the eyelashes 1-2 mm. Avoid contact with the skin of the eyelids and mucous eyes. 
Step 4: Exposure time for lash botox is 10 minutes. Botox does not require flushing from the eyelashes. Apply the third laminating composition after exposure lash botox.