Клей Banana Power 5 мл

Glue Barbara Banana Power 5 ml

Glue Barbara Banana Power 5 ml
Glue Barbara Banana Power 5 ml
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Color: black. 
Volume: 5ml.
Set time: 0.5-1 second.
Duration: 8 weeks. 
Professional glue for eyelash extensions with the smell of banana.
Glue for masters of eyelash extension with the extensive experience.
Has a homogeneous liquid consistency After drying - elastic.

The optimum conditions for working with the glue are the temperature from + 18 to +23ºC, with the humidity of 40 to 70%.
Before use, shake the glue several times in the horizontal plane.
After use, quickly touch the spout with a lint-free napkin to avoid clogging the spout.
Avoid getting glue on the skin.
Store in a cool dark place, do not store in the refrigerator.
Keep out of the reach of children.

After opening the glue shelf life is one months.
Made in South Korea.

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